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The Research Roadmap

Avoid common pitfalls on the research journey

Use the Research Roadmap to write or review journal or conference papers, PhD or theses, Masters theses, or research reports.

Don't read it! Just browse for what's useful to you.


Some common research problems - If your research:

  1. Doesn't have a good logical flow, you may fall off the cliffs of contradiction.

  2. Has too little theory, you might get sucked down and disappear in the swamp of detail.

  3. Has too much undigested theory, you may wander into and get lost in the forest of complexity.

  4. Has no founding problem or goal, you might find yourself wandering the featureless plains of irrelevance.

  5. Omits things important in good research, you might find yourself in the well populated slums of bad research.

But if you struggle, learn and take advice you will get to the city of good research, where the streets are paved with good ideas.

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